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Back to the Basics: Golf Tips for the Spring

Back to Basics: Golf Tips for the Spring
by SPCC Director of Golf Ray Bragg and SPCC First Assistant Golf Professional Mark Teed

It’s been a cold winter, but spring is right around the corner!
Always go back to the basics to start your spring practice. During the winter months, when you might not play or practice as often as you would like, we as golfers tend to get lazy in our set-up. In particular grip and posture. As you know, proper grip and posture are critical to making a good golf swing.

Good Grip Keys (right-handed player) – Proper grip allows you to keep the clubface square throughout the golf swing
•Make sure that your hands are working together on the club. With the proper grip, you can see that the hands are very close together. Don’t forget light grip pressure.
•Both “V’s” created by the thumb and index finger of each hand are pointed to the right shoulder. When you grip it with just the left hand and look down, you should also be able to see two knuckles.

Poor Grip Indicators
1.If your grip is too “strong”. The left hand is turned too far to the right, and the right hand grip is probably too much in the palm of the hand.
2.If your grip is too “weak”. This is typical of most players. The left hand is turned too far to the left and is too much in the palm of the left hand.

Good Posture Keys – Proper Posture allows you to rotate around your head and spine for consistent golf shots.
•Slight knee flex.
•Bend from the hips forward so the weight is a little forward on the balls of your feet.
•Notice in the picture that the back is on a slight angle but flat. A line drawn from the head down to the lower back would be a straight line.
•Arms hanging without tension directly below the shoulders. Hands are close to the body at address.

Poor Posture Indicators
1.If you have no knee flex. Too much bend for the hip forward. Spine angle is too horizontal.
2.If you have too much knee flex. Weight is back on the heels. Spine angle is too vertical.

Lastly going into spring, speaking of grip, check the grips on your clubs. If you have not changed them in a while, they can become slick and difficult to hold. New grips make a world of difference in the feel and ability to swing the club with confidence.

While this may feel like child’s play to all the excellent golfers in the community, don’t forget that dusting off the cobwebs and getting out after a cold, even snowy! winter is liable to allow even the best of us to need to remember to get back to basics!

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