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Eat Well to Improve the Quality of Your Life
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Eat Well to Improve the Quality of Your Life
By Sarah Mastriani-Levi

The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. ~Hippocrates

We have reached a stage where we, as an American population, continue to think of healthcare according to medicines and facilities available to us.That is not healthcare, it is 'sick-care.' Leading a healthy life, eating well, exercising and being of sound mind and body is health care. It is preventative and it is a lifestyle that brings much joy and awareness.

Here are 5 things you can do to create a healthier lifestyle to enable natural health and healing to occur.

1. Eat whole foods.
If you can't clearly see what something is made from, it is not a whole food.

2. Buy organic foods whenever possible.
Organic foods are free from preservatives, flavorants, colorants, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and anything that does not need to be on your insides. Just a quick reminder that anything that is designed to poison and kill a small creature will slowly kill you (a large creature) when consumed frequently enough.

3. Buy locally.
Go to local farmers markets and look the person who grew your food in the eye. They work hard so that you can eat well. Say "thank you" and support your local economy. Food is freshest and full of healing life force when it is consumed not far from the time and place that it was harvested. Keep in mind that you either pay the framer or pay the doctor.the choice is yours.

4. Eat seasonally.
Super markets have taught us that nearly everything is available year round. This is not naturally occurring, just as a mother cow does not naturally produce milk for her calf year round, so too fruits and vegetables do not produce in all seasons. In colder months focus on eating leafy greens and root vegetables (vegetables that grow closer to the ground). In warmer months, concentrate on fruits and seeds. Do not forget about the many fruits that we incorrectly call vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, and peppers.

5. Eat fresh food.
Avoid irradiated, microwaved food. The entire chemical structure of food changes when heated by a microwave. It unnaturally super-heats fats causing free radical damage and mutates the water-based cells in a way that makes the nutrients unabsorbrable and devoid of life force.

Eating well is one part of creating a lifestyle of health and wellness. Begin adopting these simple yet powerful tools and you will feel the difference.

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