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Have a Happy Healthy(ish) Holiday Season
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Have a Happy Healthy(ish) Holiday Season

The holidays are officially upon us and while many of us will be busy sprucing up the house and preparing for family both near and far, we will also be trying to stay healthy(ish) in mind, body and spirit during this hectic and demanding season.
We see it everywhere - drink more water, cut back on sweets, work out more consistently, and eliminate stressful situations. How is it possible to stay on track, you may think to yourself, when temptation and distraction are so readily available? “Some days, we will optimistically tackle our good-habit to-do lists, while other days we will feel overwhelmed by the stress that this season brings”, notes Wendy Kelly, Director of Fitness & Wellness at Sea Pines Country Club.

“But the key”, says Frank Rodia, is to be kind to yourself, don’t overcomplicate it and realize that the holidays can be a difficult time to keep focus.” Frank is a Certified Personal Trainer and Class Instructor with an extensive background in therapeutic exercise and nutrition-based wellness and has provided members of Sea Pines Country Club with a personalized approach to his expertise since April of 2017. Below, Frank shares with us some of the key ingredients which will help you to whip up the perfect recipe for staying healthy(ish) during the holidays.

Be Realistic
Dieting through the holidays can be challenging. It is unrealistic to think that you will not give into any temptations whatsoever. If there is one time of the year to give yourself some leeway this would be the time!

Don’t Overdo It
Portion control is key with both food and alcohol. Ditch the calorie counting but be mindful of your consumption. Smaller portions of what you like will help you from overindulging. Liquor contains fewer calories than beer and wine, but in any case, overconsumption of alcohol usually leads to overeating and poor food choices.

If you are consistent with diet and activity the other 360 days of the year, falling short a few days during the holidays won’t cause you to get to the point of no return. Again, be realistic and don’t overdo it!

Remain Active
We are so fortunate in the Lowcountry to have 80-degree weather this time of year. Take advantage of it, get outside, and keep moving. Though your schedule might be packed with dinner parties and grandkids, find some time to sneak in even just a few minutes of exercise.

Involve Your Family
Get your family involved in your healthy lifestyle and introduce alternatives to your holiday table staples. There are many nutritious recipes which can serve as a tasty substitute to your traditional dishes. What’s more is that the legacy of your healthy recipes will live on and your family will thank you for it in the long run!

Don’t Stress It
Stress is the opposite of health and while we all love our families; the holidays can be stressful in many ways. Try and find some quiet time for meditation and stress relieving activity such as yoga and stretching. Sunshine is also very therapeutic so be sure to soak up plenty of Vitamin D whenever it is available.

Frank makes it sound so easy, right? At the Club, members enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle right in their own back yard. Providing members with the tools to be the best version of themselves is where it all begins; holidays and beyond. The full-service amenities the Club offers, from golf, tennis swimming, and fitness, to wellness workshops and our farm-to-table culinary approach, members of SPCC, are staying more active and for longer! From our Club family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Healthy(ish) Holiday Season and remind you to be kind to yourself, don’t overcomplicate things and if you need a little help getting the job done – we can help!
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