Programs Offered

Class Descriptions: Over 20 aerobic and conditioning  classes are offered weekly.


Ladies and gentleman come join us for an exciting class filled with exercises that will help open the joints and release tension, as well as stretch and strengthen the body. We offer a Beginning Pilates class as well as an Intermediate/Advance Pilates class.

Cardio Splash:

Come see the benefits of training in the water. This class consists of 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercises followed by resistance training and stretches.

Aqua Stretch and Strengthen:

This class is a gentle workout program that includes stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as ones to improve flexibility and balance. Learn exercises that will help build core body strength while improving your range of motion and coordination. Each class begins with a basic water-walking program.

Total Body Workout:

Class begins with a 20 minute aerobic workout, followed by weight bearing exercises using weights, bands, and balls. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced.


Come join us for an hour-long class where participants will utilize gloves, noodles, balls, kickboards and fins for a great total body workout. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. If you have never used fins, please see the instructor prior to joining the class.

Aqua Stretch with Core:

Class focuses on stretching and strengthening back and abdominal muscles, which will help enhance your performance for golf, tennis, and daily functional activities safely and with more control.

Fitness Programs:

Fitness Testing Services:

Such as blood pressure, heart rate, balance, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, wt/height, and body fat.

Personal Training:

Private and group personal training sessions available for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Aqua Personal Training Services:

Personal training sessions that are performed in the water.

Heart Zones Training Program:

A program designed with five progressively more challenging heart rate zones. Each zone is based on an individual’s maximum heart rate.

Equipment Orientations:

During the orientation we will review our programs and the services we provide and give an introduction on how to use the sports equipment safely.

Myofascial Release Stretching Clinics:

Myofascial release is a specialized stretching technique used to release tension, with muscles by softening, lengthening and realigning fascia.

Wellness Programs:

Wellness monitor:

Members may stop by the Fitness Center daily or several times a week to take their vital signs. (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight and Oxygen Level in the Blood)

Charity Events:

Play for Pink, Pedal 4 Kids Charity Bike ride:

Members participate in various aerobic classes and a bike ride for charities.

Miscellaneous Programs:

Golf Fitness Conditioning programs:

Golf specific exercises that will increase your flexibility range of motion within joints, and core strength.

Tennis Fitness Conditioning programs:

Tennis specific exercises that focus on flexibility, footwork, and agility.

Extended family swim hours in indoor pool during holidays:

Due to the increased number of families and guests in town for the holidays we add additional family swim times in the indoor pool.

CPR and AED classes

Summer Programs

Fun in the Sun Camp:

Fun in the Sun provides a fun, safe and welcoming experience for children ages 6 years old to 12 years old.  Camp includes organized pool activities that are entertaining, educational and developmentally appropriate for children. 

July 4th Celebration:

The celebration is held on the pool deck and includes a picnic, Dj, games, prizes, and an appearance by Cappy the Clown.

Swim Camp:

Beat the summer heat while improving swimming techniques and getting great exercise.  Swim Camp provides swimming stroke creation and development presented in a fun competitive manner.

Private and Semi Private Swim lessons:

Lessons are taught by the Club’s lifeguards for children and adults. All skill levels welcome.