Legacy of the Compass Rose

Embodying the Heart and Heritage of Sea Pines

Meeting the needs of an Exclusive Community

Through the years, people from all over the world have been drawn to Sea Pines, to the lighthouse at Harbour Town and to the legacy of the Compass Rose, that wonderful symbol of Sea Pines pointing the way home.

Not surprisingly, many of those who visit once, come again then ultimately return to stay. Long established residents meet with newcomers at the Club, all joined by a shared need for community and a haven from an often too busy world outside the gates.

From young professionals to executives rounding out their careers; from second home owners to retirees; from singles and growing families to long married couples, a diverse, exciting membership brings vibrancy and life to a Club where a premium is placed on making the most of your leisure.

There is a place for the heart and heritage of Sea Pines. Follow the points of the Compass Rose and you will find it here.