Building Bridges
in a Private Club

Things to Do. People to Meet. Games to Play.

Round the Clock Activities

Every month a list of Club activities is published, and every month the list seems to grow longer. Throughout the days, pool activities, tennis, and golf tournaments coincide with bingo and bridge. Members come together afterward for meals, then break off as the next activity calls.

Be as Busy You Wish to Be

The essence of a great club is to have all the activities you could hope for, and the freedom to choose among them. Golf and tennis, bridge and aerobics, group excursion tours and evening galas make for a very full roster. Families, in particular, enjoy swim parties, junior golf, tennis, and summer recreation programs. Still, with all these activities, you need be only as busy as you wish. There are ample places and manifold opportunities to sit quietly, to chat with a friend, or simply take in a sunset over the marsh.

Friends and Neighbors

All this activity at the Club is not just an end but a means. In the process of pursuing a very full calendar, you find yourself in the company of people with whom you share much in common. Whether you are a long-time Island resident, a new arrival making your first entry into the community, or nonresident vacationer, you will find a spirit of welcome and a warm hospitality that brings a well rounded fulfillment to your life in Sea Pines.